About Us


Provide world-class tailored products and services while minimizing the costs to our client and utilizing our resources in an environmentally friendly manner.


Establish GACO as a top notch provider for electromechanical works

    This will be attained with the following guidelines:

  • Nurturing a healthy and upgrading work environment
  • Acknowledge that diversity is essential for sustained business success. Hence it is essential to cultivate a culture that embraces diversity and prohibit discrimination on any grounds
  • Applying the highest international standards in designing, installing and providing after-sale services associated with our products.
  • Fostering a socially responsible and environmentally friendly ethos within the company.
  • Recognize that profitability and development are essential ingredients for sustained success and growth.

Internal Values

Human investment: Where members of the GACO family, employees, are an invaluable asset, we try to provide them with added value through top professional courses in their respective fields.

Providing opportunities: If a promising employee has potential for development or a dream of promotion into a different role, GACO provides them with the opportunity to study courses in professional institutions and makes technical assistance available for them to attain their goals, all of which will pour in GACO’s pool of knowledge.

External Values

Constant reinvention of GACO: In GACO we are always on the lookout for niches in the market to be catered for by utilizing emerging technologies. we believe in the global citizenship of corporations. Hence we are always on the look out for ground breaking innovations, wherever they are around the world, and we strive to remain continuously up to date by incorporating them in our expanding array of products and services in order to cater for our growing base of cosmopolitan cliental.

Minimizing the costs incurred by our clients: we keep in mind the need to keep both the initial and running costs of our systems in check.

Environmental Awareness

In accordance with our values and mission, we are on the constant look out for new ground breaking technologies, which could have a positive impact on our society. In order to adhere to the current international trend of developing green technology, GACO goes green with the introduction of the SMART coolers; a breakthrough in the HVAC industry.