We install and maintain HVAC systems for medium and large-scale projects, in industry and tertiary sectors. We focus on saving energy, especially in the design and build phases for the long-term benefit of our clients. Our engineers excel when it comes to projects that have special or complex specifications, such as projects with odour problems or that need exceptionally low noise levels (e.g. filming studios project specified 30 Decibel reading). Moreover, our HVAC systems are installed in printing houses which require maintaining a certain level of humidity within the printing house so that the highest quality of ink could be used.

Power Generation & Elevators

GACO's primary focus is to provide synergetic and efficient systems to minimize the cost and hazards to our clients. Interconnected trades are a core concept in our design of any proposed system installed by GACO. For example, because our generators work in tandem with the available electric network instead of depending on the traditional automatic transfer switch (ATS), our generators continue to provide electricity in the event of a blackout ensuring that no down time is needed in the production process.

Energy efficient cooling systems

In accordance with our values and mission, we are in the constant look out for new ground-breaking technologies, which could have a positive impact on our society. Adhering to the current international trend of developing green technology, GACO goes green with the introduction of Smart coolers; a breakthrough in the HVAC industry. Smart coolers are an emerging technological innovation in the USA. Environmentally friendly; these coolers are 100% Freon free, reduce electricity consumption significantly and provide 100% outside air which creates a much healthier indoor environment.

Fire Suppression

We focus on flexibly designing and installing various systems for our clients with the highest standards and specifications, with the aim of saving energy and funds. We are accredited designers for clean agent systems, Inergen systems and foam systems. These systems are used in critical areas such as control/server rooms, areas that require no employee evacuation in case of fire and protection of hydrocarbon/polar solvent hazards respectively. We are proud to be the only Egyptian company that installs low pressure CO2 systems which were tested by the manufacturer to extinguish fires in under 120 seconds.

Our clients take confidence and comfort in enlisting our expertise because they know that we offer unparalleled after sales services. This was demonstrated by the fact that GACO flew in NF’s representative (Foam equipment manufacturer) to oversee the commissioning and training for one of the systems we designed and installed for the Petroleum Pipelines Company (PPC) in Egypt. The below footage shows the bladder tank filling process, testing of the system, foam sampling and maintenance instructions.
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